What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the meticulous process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle. This process is designed to eliminate imperfections such as oxidation, haze, swirl marks, fine scratches, bird dropping & acid rain etching, holograms & buffer trails.

To achieve proper Paint correction, defects must be removed using abrasives such as compounds and polishes and in some cases wet-sanding is necessary. With the right products, tools, and a proven specialist, proper Paint correction will be achieved.

One huge misconception of Paint correction is that after completion paint will be perfect. Not true! In our world, as Detailer’s there is a time to accept what cannot be fixed and should not be attempted. Some defects are too deep in the clear coat and even the base coat.  All paint is not created the same and all imperfections cannot be completely removed. A successful correction can yield results as high as 95%. At Mr. Car Makeover, we pride ourselves on having that in depth conversation with our clients prior to a Paint correction appointment. Our primary goal is to bridge client expectations with realistic outcomes.

Select Makeover(1-step)

This is our entry level correction service and most popular. The Select Makeover, is a single stage correction providing increased gloss and enhanced clarity in the paints finish. Recommended for late model, new and/or in fairly good condition paint. Or even the everyday driver looking to rejuvenate their vehicles overall look.


  • Remove light haze.
  • Swirl & minor defect removal.
  • Light scratches.
  • Final finish paint cleaning.


Cars: $725
SUV’s/Trucks: $950

Choice Makeover(2-step)

Our most popular service created for those who have neglected paint (micro-marring, scratches, oxidation, swirls) and are interested in a drastic recondition of their vehicles finish. A two-stage correction will be performed.


  • Swirl removal.
  • Water spots.
  • Light to moderate scratch reduction/removal.


Cars: $1,150
SUV’s/Trucks: $1,350

Prime Makeover(Multi-step)

Created primarily for the car enthusiast looking for that show car finish. This service is recommended for those who are looking to take their vehicle’s paint to an elite level.


  • Heavy defect removal.
  • Excessive paint imperfections and moderate to heavy scratches.
  • Hard water spots.
  • Oxidation
  • Paint leveling
  • Spot wet-sanding


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Note: All paint correction services are preceded by a foam wash, and 2-step paint decontamination (clay treatment+ iron decontamination).

*We recommend adding our ceramic coating service for unmatched protection of your paint protection investment.


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