Paint Correction


Paint correction is the meticulous process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle. This process is designed to eliminate imperfections such as oxidation, haze, swirl marks, fine scratches, bird dropping & acid rain etching, holograms & buffer trails.

To achieve proper Paint correction very small amounts(microns) of clear coat/paint must be removed using abrasives such as compounds, polishes…and in some cases wet-sanding is necessary. With the right products, tools and a proven professional detailer proper Paint correction will be achieved. 

One huge misconception of Paint correction is that after completion paint will be perfect. Not true! In our world as detailer’s there is a time to accept what cannot be fixed and should not be attempted. Some scratches or imperfections are too deep in the clear coat and in some cases the basecoat or even primer. Touch up paint can then become an option. All paint is not created the same and all imperfections cannot be completely removed. Though full Paint correction can yield results as high as 90-95+% corrected, but 100% is not likely or even a possibility. Here at Mr. Car Makeover we pride ourselves on having an in depth conversation with our clients prior to a Paint correction appointment. Our primary goal is to bridge client expectations with realistic possibilities. 

Below is our 3 grades of paint correction offered:


Starting at $695
  • Exterior Paint Compounding/Polishing to remove light surface swirls and achieve 60%+ correction.
  • Completion time: 7+hrs


Starting at $1095
  • Two-stage paint correction removing heavy swirls and scratches, hard water spots etc. achieving 80+% clarity.
  • Completion time: 11+


Starting at $1,595
  • Multi-Stage Paint correction including minor spot WET SANDING to achieve up to 95% clarity.
  • Completion time: 15+ hrs

*Amount may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle. Exact pricing will be provided upon inspection.